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Having provided ongoing graphological courses since 1984, Association for Graphological Studies has given the professional, or  individual, invaluable insight into the science of graphology as well as specializing in graphotherapy, the technique of using handwriting as a means to correct, diminish, develop or strengthen a character trait, through specific voluntary changes in the handwriting. Another area the Association for Graphological Studies taps into the astonishing visual clues that handwriting reveals about one’s own health. AFGS continues advancing this fascinating centuries old science through the incorporation of these graphological applications.

The Association for Graphological Studies became an extension of the Colombe Center for training and certification.  The Colombe Center was founded by Paul and Kathi de Sainte Colombe, Paul having been the co-founder of graphotherapy, as well as a highly regarded graphologist both in the United states and Europe. Kathi, his wife, was equally proficient in this science and continued on their shared services after Paul’s passing.

The Saint Columbes trained and certified many students in Graphology and graphotherapy throughout their years as graphologists.  Rose Toomey, having demonstrated outstanding accuracy in her graphological interpretations and graphotherapy instructions, became the Colombe representative  in 1972.


Rose Toomey worked with troubled individuals who struggled with a variety of issues: suicidal detection, drug abuse, poor self-image and depression. Her work proved life saving in many cases.  Professionals in the fields of law enforcement, medicine, psychology/psychiatry and clergy have sought her expertise as well.

Rose has presented her work not only to organizations here in the States but twice in Europe.  She first, accompanied by Kathi, demonstrated with Ragnhild Oussoren , an acclaimed Holland educator,  the combined therapies of art, music and handwriting .  Again, Rose returned to give a highly appraised introduction to her “Health Clues in Handwriting” theory to the Dutch Grafological Society, and continued on to England Belgium and the Netherlands to give additional workshops to some of Europe’s top physicians of all disciplines. Her specific  area of interest-  ‘Health Clues in Handwriting’ has won Rose the distinguished ‘Graphological Research Award’ from the Society of Integrative Graphology for her book, “Health Clues in Handwriting”.

On a personal note, Rose was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1957.  She felt the benefits derived from improving her nutrition and regular graphotherapy exercises (under the guidance of Paul and Kathi de Sainte Colombe) is what she attributes her wellness today.  “It is my experiential opinion that regular graphotherapy exercises have been the stabilizing factor in my wellness.”

Bonnie Kalchev a student trained by Rose Toomey and certified by Kathi de Sainte Colombe, teamed with Rose in 1974 as a co-teacher offering classes, workshops and course study, including several at the University of San Diego.  With Kathi’s and Rose’s guidance, Bonnie compiled the AFGS courses, which she continues to teach,  designed and co-authored the “Writing” book.  Having a BA in Interior Design, Bonnie says “I see how the principles of design are easily applied to handwriting, i.e. rhythm,proportion, balance, etc.”  One of her favorite analogies is to ask “Would you like to see this handwriting sample as wallpaper?”



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Give me a woman’s handwriting and I will tell you her character”...William Shakespeare

“Beware of a man whose writing sways like a reed in the wind”....Confucius

“Dark words on white paper bare the soul”...Maupassant

An understanding of who we are....


Graphology-scientifically developed, based on classified knowledge and validated over centuries- is the observation of handwriting to interpret personality

Graphotherapy is based on the connection between the subconscious mind and the writing hand as a two-way circuit. This circuit affords the writer the same power on the subconscious as the subconscious has on the writer.